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We have a large repertoire of Bavarian and Austrian folk dances that we learn, practice and perform. These dances are generally from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and can be basically described in three categories:

Schuhplattlers: Powerful, boasting dances where the men slap their thighs and the soles of their shoes in a rhythmic fashion to show off for the girls.  Yeah, Ok... this style of dancing might have received a lot of [comic] attention in the movie "European Vacation", but the real thing is a lot different.. and more interesting!  Which guy can slap harder, jump higher, and stomp louder?  And which guy is tough enough to catch the ladies’ eyes?



Ländlers: Intricate figure dances where couples flirt with each other. From a hand-in-hand stroll down a mountain path, to the “open window” where the man tries to steal a kiss, these courtship dances tell the story of the Farmer’s Daughter.



Specialty Dances and Music: These dances usually tell a story, or honor an occupation like lumberjack, miller, or weaver. Some of these are traditional dances, while others were choreographed for the cabarets in the 1920’s and 30’s.

We also play and sing Bavarian folk songs, and we keep another tradition alive by playing songs on the Cow Bells!


Kuhlglockenspielen, or Cow Bell Ringing