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The STV Almrausch is a non-political, non-profit cultural club, made up of members who wish to preserve the customs, costumes, music and dances of late 1800’s and early 1900’s Bavaria and Tirol – the Alpine regions of Germany and Austria. You don’t need to be of German or Austrian descent, or even able to speak German in order to join our club. The only real requirement to become a member of the STV Almrausch is to have a love of Bavarian and Tirolean culture, and a steadfast interest in preserving their traditions.

We have several types of membership in the STV Almrausch:


Active Members are those who wish to fully participate in our club’s activities. They typically purchase and wear club Tracht (costumes), and learn and perform our traditional Bavarian and Tirolean folk dances.


Supporting Members have a keen interest in Bavarian and Tirolean traditions, but prefer to simply lend their talents and cheer on our performers.


We have members from age 2 to... well let's just say 21+. Kids are very welcome in the STV Almrausch. Our young performers have competed at many festivals, and we would enjoy teaching you and your children all about Bavarian culture, costumes and music. Bavarian dancing and culture is very family-focused, and being a member of the STV Almrausch is a great way for families to learn about and enjoy another culture together.


So come out to an STV Almrausch event – and Almrausch Abend (monthly get-together at a local German/Austrian restaurant), a workshop, or a performance – and see what we are all about. After attending 3 events, you just complete a Membership Application and have one of our members sponsor you. Then let the fun begin!